So, I saw a psychic.

I was on holiday in Byron Bay recently, the wellness capital of Australia.

With towering crystal geode statues, endless white linen boutiques, and most recently, home to Zac Efron, it’s become quite the trendy tourist destination.

I’ve heard from almost everyone who’s ever visited Byron Bay, that there’s a certain spiritual feeling in the air. Good vibes, patience, calm, grounding – us Sydney-side city slickers wouldn’t understand.

So, I decided what better to do on my Wellness Hoe-liday, than see a psychic? I’m in my mid 20’s desperate for direction in life, I’ll take advice from anyone wearing a kaftan with a soothing voice.

I did my research, and selected the psychic with the best SEO (I’m a writer, that’s important to me) and booked an appointment.

The day of the psychic had a very chaotic energy; I went snorkelling with sharks and sea turtles, was stung by a small (albeit painful) jellyfish, and decided to impulsively get a tattoo with my sisters. By the time I walked into the incense-infused studio and greeted my tie-dye clad spiritual advisor, I was probably buzzing enough to ascend to the next dimension without her help.

Jokes aside, as soon as we sat down, she immediately told me she sensed I had either just experienced or was just about to experience a deeply traumatic series of events. I told her that I was currently in treatment for PTSD from the past three life-changing trauma’s so I hoped she was picking up on previous events and that I wasn’t due for anymore.

After telling her the nature of what had happened, she assured me that the worst was behind me and how deeply sorry she was to hear what had happened. I choked back a tear because, frankly, it was just nice to hear.

She said it was also apparent that travel would be a huge theme in my future. This was a relief, as anyone that’s known me since the age of nine knows I want to eventually move to London (not at all inspired by my embarrassing childhood Doctor Who phase). Whilst the pandemic has undoubtedly put a pin in these plans, she said it looks like I’ll be over there in about a year with a big focus on career.

Speaking of career, she said it looked as if I would use the experience of my own trauma to go onto advocacy work, with themes of helping and empowering others. This surprised me a little, as it’s never crossed my mind and doesn’t sound like something I’ll ever be ready to do. She did also note there was a strong theme of creativity and arts, however my severe lack of talent presents something of an issue there.

Moving onto astrology, she took a look at my chart and found my Moon’s North Node is in Libra – whatever that means. Apparently in a past life, I was an Aries. Bold, pioneering, adventurous, entrepreneurial, a leader. Sounds like a lot of work, no wonder in this life I’m constantly exhausted.

In this life, I’ve been put on Earth to learn how to co-operate, collaborate, and compromise in relationships. This piqued my interest, and I explained to her that I had been a victim of DV and SA, so it felt a bit ironic that my purpose revolved an around a part of my life that’s been fraught with pain.

She explained that rather than looking at it as “co-operating with people who have hurt me”, to consider it more as symbolism about finding a feeling of inner balance and calm despite external circumstances. I’ll be the first to admit I can be a pretty black-and-white individual and don’t necessarily do moderation well (it must be because I was an Aries in a past life), so it’s definitely something for me to take on board.

We parted with some affirmations for me to repeat whenever I find myself needing balance and grounding a.k.a every moment that I am awake and possibly when I am asleep too.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed the experience. Personally, I thought she was knowledgeable and kind, and definitely left me with a lot of food for thought.

We only had one hour and I deliberately went in with the mindset of “just tell me whatever comes to you.” Whilst that was really valuable in terms of giving me lots to work with, a follow up with time to ask more specific questions would also be really interesting.

In the meantime, you’ll find me repeating affirmations and mantra’s to myself, being the perfect picture of balance, harmony, co-operation, and compromise. Definitely not sculling three flat-whites in one morning and having imaginary debates in the shower. That would be too city-slicker of me, I’m a white-linen wearing Byron Bae.

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