How accurate are horoscopes anyway? I saw an astrologer to find out

At 11am on a Wednesday morning I logged onto Zoom, ready for a fifteen minute chat to get clarity around a simple copywriting task for a client.

Two hours later, I logged off after having my entire astrological chart read.

It all started when Angie, an executive breathing coach I work with, mentioned they synchronise their business decisions such as launch dates, contracts and projects to line up with significant astrological events.

I was intrigued, and shared that I felt the past few weeks had contained a lot of chaotic energy with six planets in retrograde and an impending full moon.

Angie’s husband, Shane, overheard and appeared beside her, offering to take a look at my birth chart. Turns out I had accidentally manifested an astrologer.

Though I knew the basics such as my sun, moon, and rising, and a few key placements like Mars and Venus, my knowledge of astrology was still very shallow.

After telling Shane my birth date, time and location, he typed for a few moments and returned with my natal chart.

He noticed a few interesting placements:

Chiron in Libra represents issues with one’s vital force to relate with others intimately. With this placement, you have both a tremendous desire to connect with other people, as well as frustrations that have arisen in this area. Your attempts to connect may have been frustrated through experiences of early childhood, when you wanted contact with others but were rejected or somehow prevented from establishing meaningful relationships with them. As a consequence you have been focused on establishing such a connection ever since. It becomes extremely important to establish a connection with another person, yet this contact, so desired and even longed for, can also be extremely painful. Any partial rejection can be
seen as a revisiting of your earlier pain surrounding issues of relationship to other people. As time goes on, there may even be some element of self-
sabotage involved in your relationship experience.

I was surprised by the accuracy, as just 24 hours earlier I had been speaking with a therapist about some remnant pain of childhood bullying and how I still felt the constant paranoia that everyone in my life secretly hates me.

“You have Jupiter in Capricorn in your 10th House – this gives you a serious and conscientious personality. You’re also very practical and have a talent for working with the public. You tend to be extremely careful with money, making a good manager, and you have a strong drive to achieve success. You may be some what miserly with your affection, and you can also be fearful of risking the fruits of your achievement – definitely not a risk taker. You may refrain from taking chances that would, in fact, succeed. Although you have good prospects in life, your opportunities come from hard work and dedication. Tradition takes a large part in modelling your ideals. You are noble and honourable in the society around you and enjoy being known as a good role model for others to follow.”

This assessment had me chuffed – although I wouldn’t recommend anyone looking up to me as a role model unless they want a raging caffeine addiction and a too-deep knowledge of the Real Housewives.

The acknowledgement of hard work, dedication and practicality was nice to hear, as the past twelve months have involved a significant amount of work, online classes, freelancing, and mentorship. The fickle, indecisive, ADHD-Gemini of my early 20’s has definitely given way to a more grounded, stable, sensible energy – and I’m really enjoying it in all honesty.

What stood out the most was when he spoke about my Moon being in strong Trine with Jupiter:

This aspect gives an idealistic and humanitarian personality, friendly and
sociable, with an inherent spirituality. You are loving and caring and are also
strong in character, with a keen sense of right and wrong. You are fortunate in
finances, and attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. You are
honourable and dependable in your dealings with your fellow man, and work
well with the public. There may be an inclination toward the mystical side of

Out of all the tarot, horoscopes, Myers-Briggs, and Co-Star I’ve dabbled in – I felt this was the most accurate (and flattering) assessment of my character to date.

I do feel drawn to the mystical and spiritual side, I do love and enjoy meeting new people, I’ve been described as empathetic to a fault (by a Capricorn), and I can be a bit idealistic in how I wish justice and ethics functioned in the real world.

In terms of the luck in finances and attracting material rewards without trying? Universe, bring me a Birkin.

Overall, I did feel like the analysis of my chart was incredibly accurate in terms of my personality, life experiences, and how I deal with different emotions and moods.

I don’t consider it an instruction manual on how I should act and make decisions, but it is interesting to revisit intermittently for a bit of advice and guidance in the (frequent) event I have no clue what to do.

Big thanks to Shane and Angie, co-founders of Breathe Me, for taking me through my chart!



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