To all the plants I’ve killed before


To my first cactus, Marco, I’m sorry.

I was young and inexperienced, I didn’t know any better. They said it was impossible to kill a cactus, but I’ve never been a quitter.

To the seven other Marco’s that followed, see above.

To the aloe vera I tried to grow in a teacup, what went wrong?  I did exactly as my Nonna said – leave it in the sun and don’t water it too much.

And to the peace lily wilting on my front porch, you don’t bloom for me anymore. You’re shrunken and withdrawn, should I be concerned? We can get through this, if you communicate.

To the various mason-glass succulents cluttering my windowsill and desk, I love what we have. It’s casual, uncomplicated, and none of you seem to mind about the other four of you.

My sweet string of pearls, I look forward to figuring you out. If you grow to be half as beautiful as the ones on Pinterest, I’ll be a happy planter. Not that I’m shallow, we go way deeper than that.

And finally, to my newly purchased boston fern, this is the start of something beautiful. I won’t treat you like the other, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I vow to re-pot you as you grow, rotate so you get even sunlight, and never to over-water you. In sickness and in health, til death do us part.





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