Reviewing JS Health vitamins – acne, bloating, and energy

I’m no stranger to vitamins, supplements, tonics, tinctures, and all manner of wellness-ey concoctions. So when something receives enough hype and garners positive reviews, I’m always tempted to give it a go.

I’ve seen JS Health making the rounds at local chemists, my estheticians office, and various Instagram ads – and the reviews sound promising.

The two I’ve heard applauded the most are by far the Detox + Debloat, and Skin + Digestion vitamins. From the thousands of positive reviews it seems that they do in fact debloat and help clear the skin. Go figure.

So, I thought I would put JS Health to the test and buy one month’s worth of each to see if they live up to their reputation.

About the vitamins

The Skin + Digestion formula is made with Zinc, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and Turmeric. Now, I already take twice daily Zinc, Vitamin C, and Turmeric supplements at the advice of my doctor, so I already have a bit of an idea of what I’m in for. I’m also very sensitive to Biotin (which is commonly found in a lot of hair/skin/nails formulas), so I was relieved that it doesn’t seem to be in this blend.

The Detox + Debloat vitamins are also made with Turmeric, as well as Fennel and Milk Thistle. I was quite interested to see Milk Thistle on the list, as a naturopath once recommended I take it to help “detox the blood.” I was a bit skeptical so I ignored it at the time, but I’m glad I’ll get to see what the hype is about with this blend.

Now, it’s clear to say that between this combo and my existing vitamins, I’ll be taking a lot of Turmeric. I checked the combined dosages and it’s actually lower than some of the previous Turmeric supplements I’ve taken before, so I’m not concerned about this.

Both vitamins are to be taken twice daily with food, and are free from gluten, sugar, soy, animal products, egg, crustacean, nuts, and much more.

As you can see, they’re medium-large tablets – the black one is Skin + Digestion while the maroon is the Detox + Debloat.

One Week In

I definitely felt like my skin was clearer – but that might also be due to the point I was at in my cycle.

I had very few breakouts, and the handful that appeared that week were little whiteheads that were easily extracted and cleared quickly. My scarring also appeared lighter and less prominent too – which was a lovely bonus.

My diet likely didn’t play a factor, in fact I probably ate worse than usual that week. The biggest variable would be my hormones and my cycle, so I looked forward to the results in the coming weeks.

Two Weeks In

After another week, I did notice that I still wasn’t having all that many breakouts. A few whiteheads here and there, but hardly anything cystic or deeply inflammatory.

However, my skin seemed quite red and my scarring more obvious – despite not actually suffering any new scars throughout this period. In terms of Detox + Debloat, it’s hard to say whether or not I appeared less bloated. I did have days where I experienced a lot of abdominal pain and pressure – which I normally never do.

This confused me a little, but I resolved to trust the process.

Three Weeks In

At this point, I did notice I seemed noticeably less bloated around my midsection. However, I have to be totally honest and say that I’m also on Whole30 (more to come on that later) which could also have an effect on my weight, bloating, and body fat composition. Either way, I was pleased about it.

Sadly, my skin was worse than ever this week which I was pretty disappointed about. Not that I blame the vitamins for causing the breakouts – it was just disheartening to see another product not work out for me.

Four Weeks In – the final week!

Overall I can’t say I saw any significant affect from the vitamins.

My skin settled down, but was no better than when I started. While I had felt less bloated the previous week, I felt more or less back to normal by the end of the course of vitamins.

If you aren’t already on a vitamin regimen or haven’t really explored supplements, I’d certainly say these are great ones to start with if you want to start. I especially like that they target certain complaints and ailments, so you can target an issue and work on that.

I suspect that because I had already had a fairly rigorous vitamin and supplement routine, I had already kind of reaped all the benefits I was ever going to see. I’m also aware I’m a bit of a tough cookie to get through to due to PCOS and my constant fiddling around with other wellness practices.

Will I be ordering more JS Health vitamins? Probably not. They were fine, but I don’t think they’re the best fit for me and I’m better off sticking to the ones specifically recommended by my doctor.

Would I recommend you try them? Sure, give it a shot. As always: do your research, ask your doctor, and don’t expect a miracle or quick fix. Who knows though, you might be one of the many people who get great results.

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