25 things I’ve learnt at 25

  1. You can get over anyone with enough time and space.
  2. Being a kind and generous person is fun.
  3. Meditation and journalling are game-changers.
  4. You can do most things you put your mind to.
  5. Be choosy about who you surround yourself with – you become like the people you spend the most time with.
  6. Prevention is better than a cure.
  7. When in doubt, sleep on it.
  8. Not everything you think and feel needs to be said.
  9. Sometime’s you’re the bad guy in other people’s stories and you need to make peace with that. It doesn’t make you an evil person, you were just the bad guy in this one. Accept it.
  10. You’re allowed to reject people and people are allowed to reject you. It doesn’t need to be so dramatic.
  11. Learn your non-negotiables and stick to them.
  12. It’s always, always better to own up to mistakes straight away – even if no-one has noticed yet.
  13. You can almost always turn a bad day around by putting on a sad song and pretending you’re in a movie.
  14. Above anything, people remember how you made them feel.
  15. All anyone wants is to feel seen and heard.
  16. People will only value you as much as you value yourself. You set the tone.
  17. You never regret reading a book.
  18. Be genuinely interested in everyone you meet, it’s the nicest feeling when someone is curious and engaged with you.
  19. A walk, shower, cry, coffee, or phone call with Mum fixes most things (or at least makes them feel more manageable).
  20. The most human and authentic thing you can do, is be inconsistent. Stop trying to brand/categorise/finish/discover yourself. You are going to change so many times throughout your life and it doesn’t make you flaky, it’s freeing.
  21. If you’re going to be a hopeless romantic, try to also be resilient.
  22. Almost nothing is as big a deal as it feels at first.
  23. You are the only person you can ever truly count on, and that is both sad and comforting.
  24. Bad dates make great stories.
  25. It’s never worth betraying yourself and your needs in order to keep someone in your life. You’ll almost always regret it.

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