How to deal with the slightest inconvenience with a ridiculously extravagant pamper day

I do this probably once a month, or whenever I feel a bit gross or down about myself. It honestly doesn’t take all that long, maybe an hour or two if you want to really draw it out?

The Routine

Rather than running through it head to toe, I figured it’s probably easiest to review it in chronological order and the way I move through the steps.


  • Start by removing makeup and wash your face by double cleansing.
  • Remove all nail polish if you’re wearing any.
  • Pop a face mask on – preferably a clay one.

Purifying face masks


  • Run a warm bath, and add any bath salts, pearls, bombs, flower petals etc.
  • I like to add lavender oil, epsom salts (for sore muscles), and even bring my crystals in with me.


  • Relax and listen to a podcast/watch a show while your face mask dries – the steam from the bath might take the mask longer to dry, but this is just an excuse to spend longer in the bath.


  • Now we’re going to wash the clay mask off in the shower.
  • This is where I’ll do a scalp scrub (highly recommend Christophe Robin although Frank Body do a more affordable one) followed by shampoo.
  • Then I’ll pop some generous dollops of a hair mask in, and pop my hair in a low bun using a cheap hairband so as not to get the oils all over any of the silk scrunchies I wear regularly.
  • While the mask sits, wash your body and remove tan if you have any on. I use an exfoliating mitt and Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap in Rose – I’ve tried a few of their scents and this is by far my favourite!
  • Then I’ll go ahead and use Frank Body Coffee Scrub all over. You can find cheaper variations, but I love this brand and have used this particular scrub since high school.

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

  • Vibe for a few minutes while the scrub works its’ magic…
  • Then rinse the mask out with slightly cooler water and run through hair with a shower comb so it’s especially silky when you get out.
  •  You’ll probably need to rinse your shower out for a bit to get all the coffee granules out…

Post Shower

  • Immediately post shower, use lotion or a body butter so your skin doesn’t experience trans-epidermal water loss after the shower.
  • Here’s where I shave my face using an eyebrow razor.  There are many tutorials online but this one gives a lot of great tips!
  • Now is a good time to tweeze too – your skin will be soft from the shower and you can clean up the upper brows with the eyebrow razor.
  • Then I’ll pop on a super hydrating mask – some budget favourites are the Neutrogena Hydrogel, and The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. I find it’s comparable to the Fresh Rose Face Mask, which I highly recommend if your budget allows.

Hydrating face masks

  • While the mask is on, I’ll go ahead and pumice my feet to be extra thorough.
  • I’ll take this opportunity to push back and trim my cuticles, file my nails, and pop on a base coat.
  • Then once I remove the mask, I’ll go into a short skincare routine – normally just an occlusive moisturiser to trap in the humectants of the mask, but feel free to add any serums you use nightly before a moisturiser.
  • Once I have the moisturiser as a lubricant, I’ll use my gua-sha on my jaw to ease TMJ pain.
  • Feel free to use any facial rollers or massage devices as you need – for lymphatic drainage, sculpting, lifting, world’s your oyster.

Flatlay of beauty products

  • Then I’ll finish up by painting my nails and toenails, and let them dry while catching up on Vanderpump Rules!

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